Computer bootet nicht \windows\system32\config\system

If your registry hive becomes badly corrupted,you will probably be faced with error messages such as:

* Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

* NTLDR is missing

* Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll

when you boot your computer and Windows will fail to boot.

If you are in a situation where you cannot boot from the Windows CD,which means you won’t be able to access the Recovery Console,and also hitting F8 and choosing Last Known Good Configuration fails to fix the problem,then you will need to repair it manually.

This will require that you have READ/WRITE access to the NTFS partition of the hard drive from within MS-DOS.You will need a program called NTFSDOS Professional.

Download: NTFSDOS Professional 5.0

To create a boot disk,run BootDisk.exe.It will then require that you enter some licence details.You can find those details in the licence.txt file.Copy and paste them into the space provided.It will then ask you to specify the directory from which it will copy the required Windows files.For this,use your Windows CD which would be D:\I386 .Next you will need to choose where you want to save the boot disk to.Save it onto some floppy disks on drive A:\ .You will need 3 blank floppy disks.

Boot up the computer using the floppy boot disks you made.It will take you into a MS-DOS screen.From there,run the file NTFSPRO.EXE and you will now have access to the files on your hard drive.

Next you will need to type in the following lines as per the instructions from the Microsoft website:


md tmp

copy c:\windows\system32\config\system c:\windows\tmp\system.bak

copy c:\windows\system32\config\software c:\windows\tmp\software.bak

copy c:\windows\system32\config\sam c:\windows\tmp\sam.bak

copy c:\windows\system32\config\security c:\windows\tmp\security.bak

copy c:\windows\system32\config\default c:\windows\tmp\default.bak

delete c:\windows\system32\config\system

delete c:\windows\system32\config\software

delete c:\windows\system32\config\sam

delete c:\windows\system32\config\security

delete c:\windows\system32\config\default

copy c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config\system

copy c:\windows\repair\software c:\windows\system32\config\software

copy c:\windows\repair\sam c:\windows\system32\config\sam

copy c:\windows\repair\security c:\windows\system32\config\security

copy c:\windows\repair\default c:\windows\system32\config\default

Remove the floppy disk from the drive and reboot the computer.Your Windows should now boot up and be working.

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